Complete 5x20L Cloner bucket for Hdroponics system PVC tube

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  • Plastic Type:PP
  • Model Number:EW1520
  • Material:Plastic
  • Finishing:Not Coated
  • Hydroponics:5 cloner bucket
  • is_customized:Yes
  • Description:hydroponics system
  • bucket size:15L x5
  • COLOR:Black
  • function:grow vegetable
  • dwc:hydroponics system
  • deep water culture:5 bucket
Product Description


Complete 5 clone buckets hydroponics system

 5x 15L dwc bucket system

Deep Water Culture, commonly referred to as DWC, is just as the name suggests.  It is basically letting the roots of the plant grow down into a nutrient solution or water culture.

DWC (Deep Water Culture) is the preferred system of choice for growing leaf lettuce, which are very fast growing and water loving plants, making them an ideal choice for the Deep Water Culture hydroponic system.  Many commercial hydroponic lettuce operations employ this method, using floating Styrofoam rafts to hold the plant cups or just the plants themselves.

This setup can be as simple as a bucket full of mixed hydroponic nutrients (referred to as Nutes) with a hole in the lid to support a flower pot or it can be made large enough to support multiple plants.  DWC hydroponics requires nothing more than a simple air stone and air pump to keep the nutrient solution stirred, oxygenated and fresh.

An inexpensive bubble kit or Deep Water Culture Kit! The Black Bucket Deep Water 4 pot system uses a series of bucket systems connected to a main reservoir for the ultimate in bubble irrigation. Each bucket includes a net pot lid, a 20L bucket that serves as a reservoir, air pump, air stone, and tubing. The net pot simply snaps onto the bucket and the air pump pumps the reservoirs full of the highly oxygenated nutrient solution. Maintain or drain water using the attached water level indicator. ViaStone grow rocks included (nutrients of your choice sold separately).

Deep Water Culture Hydroponic Systems operate based on the idea that plant roots can grow while submerged in water as long as that water is extremely oxygenated. The amount of water that is needed in a Deep Water Culture System will vary based on the size of the root system. Just starting out, when the plant is young and has a small root system, the water level should come up about 1″ from the bottom of the net pot(s) in the system. Once the roots begin to grow down into the oxygenated water that has had fertilizer added to it, the water level should be lowered about 1-2″ a week until the bucket or container is between half and two-thirds full. The water level should stay at half to two-thirds full for the remainder of the growing cycle.


-Water level device

Cut the water level tube to the correct length if necessary. If you need to remove the water level tube, push down on the small black ring.

-Strong and flexible net pots in 10CM for repeated use.

-Powerful and durable AIR pump  to keep the nutrient solution stirred, oxygenated and fresh.


Outlet air pump

working pressure->0.015 MPa

air flow-4x3L/MIN


NOISE-<45 dB(A)

PRODUCT SIZE-185×145×68 MM

a,Circle air stone to creat great air.

-1'' Garden Rockwool grow plug for nursery and growing plant

-Include PH test paper. more precise care

>One Kit Contains:

*Cloner Bucket 15L with site --4pcs

<One bucket size 27mm (dia. top), 29mm (height) >

*Main supply bucket --1pc

*Basket cup(10CM) upper inner dia--4pcs

*Air pump(220V or 110V)--1pc

*Air stone--4pcs

*Air hose--4M

*Water level device--1pc

* Main tube- one set

*1'' Rock wool-20pcs cube plug

* PH test paper-1

-------------Clay pebble   not Included