GreenLit Grow Avatar Mini Hydroponics set with 12 Pots for Indoor grow & Kitchen Appliance

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1. Specification

  • There is one layer. Each layer has 12 pots for you to place seedings.
  • Input Voltage is AC100-240V.  Frequency is 50-60Hz.
  • Output Voltage is DC24V. Output current is 1.5A.
  • Output Power is 24W.
  • Water Tank Capacity is 7L.
  • Plant Quantity is 12 pcs.
  • Product Dimension: 381*380*435.5mm
  • Package Size: 475*430*250mm
  • Weight (We have two types small hydroponic systems. One is wood type. Another is MDF type.) (MDF: Medium Density Fiberboard)

        Wood Type: G.W. is 5.2KG.

        MDF Type: G.W. is 6.1KG.


Small hydroponic system 3

(Wood Type)



Small hydroponic system 1

(MDF Type)


2. Advantage of Indoor greenhouse hydroponic system




First..It's mini!

Small package. 


It is convenient for you to grow plants, vegetables and plants indoor. It has used vertical growing system. So that it will save more space for you and especially for people who live in cities. (Save space.)


It is an indoor garden growing system. Even though there is no sun indoor, you still can grow vegetables, plants and flowers. You do not need to worry about the situation of weather. (Indoor growing system.)




Without any pollution. It just grows plants, vegetables and flowers with water and nutrient liquid. You can eat safe vegetables which are grown by yourself.








It has used professional SMD LED grow chips. These chips are mainly used for growing plant. It imitates each wave length of the sun. Thus, it can provide plants with lights that they need in their growing process. It has reduce the growth circle of plants, vegetables and flowers and make them grow faster. (Grow faster.)



3. Usage

Step one: Put water into water tank. Stop until the distance between water level and the top of tank is 1.5-2 cm.


Step two: Add liquid A into the tank. (About 25mL)


Step three: Add liquid B. (About 25mL). Then mix them well.


Step four: Put seedlings in planting pots. Do not put root in sponges. It should be in outside.


Step five: Put planting pots in water tank cover. Then put them in the tank. Notice: the roots should be soaked in liquid.


Step six: It will take about 15 days for most of vegetables. It means that you can eat vegetables after 15 days.



Step seven: You need to clean the tanks every month. It is very easy to clean.


Notice for planting
1.Seed germination should be done outside.
2.After this process, you need to put them in the pot.
3.Then you need supply power to this hydroponic system.
4.Change the water about once a month.