9 buckets Complete aeroponics system with cloner Dutch bucket

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Item specifics
  • Type:Nursery Trays & Lids
  • Plastic Type:PP
  • Material:Plastic
  • Model Number:EW12035
  • Finishing:Not Coated
  • Hydroponics:8 cloner bucket
  • is_customized:Yes
  • Description:hydroponics system
  • bucket size:20L x9
  • COLOR:Black
  • function:grow vegetable
  • dwc:hydroponics system
  • deep water culture:9 bucket
Product Description


1200  x 400 (2)

Complete 9 clone buckets aeroponics system

The aeroponic system is probably the most high-tech type of hydroponic gardening. The growing medium is primarily air, but unlike the NFT systems shallow channels, the roots are growing down into a much larger container . The roots hang in the air and are misted with an oxygen rich hydroponic nutrient solution. The mist cycle are usually done every few minutes.

A timer controls the nutrient pump much like other types of hydroponic systems, except the aeroponic system needs a short cycle timer that runs the pump for a few seconds every couple of minute. 

9x cloner bucket(20L each one bucket)

 Water level device for main bucket

Strong and flexible net pots in 15CM for repeated use.

Powerful and durable mist pump  to keep the nutrient solution stirred, oxygenated and fresh.


>One Kit Contains:

*Cloner Bucket with site (20L)--8pcs

*Main supply bucket (20L)--1pc

*Programmable cycle timer-1pc

*Basket cup(15CM) upper inner dia--8pcs

*Mist pump(220V or 110V)--1pc

*Mist nozzles-16pcs

* misting line-15meter

*Water level and drainage fitting--1pc

* Main tube as many

*Clay pebble-1 bag

as well as other fittings

Mist pump. water flow 5L/MIN, working pressure 10-15 bar 

Programmble cycle timer(Minimun 1second+ maximun 999 hours)

One buckets includes 2 mist nozzles , and the nozzle directly can be adjusted 


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