8 spraying set of Aeroponics. Full complete fittings for Aeroponics system.

Brand: GreenLit Grow

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  • Brand Name:Easirco
  • Type:Watering Kits
  • Model Number:EHW0308
  • Material:Plastic
  • Application:hydroponics system,Aeroponics
  • Spray point number:8 spray points
  • Frame:PVC tube frame
  • Pump:12V 4A
  • Flow :4L/min
  • color:grey
  • MOQ:1PC
Product Description

 >2016 the new style

  •  Complete fittings for aeroponics system
  • PVC frame size after install:60x50x80cm

>Product Feature

  ------The aeroponic system is probably the most high-tech type of hydroponic gardening. The growing medium is primarily air, but unlike the NFT systems shallow channels, the roots are growing down into a much larger container . The roots hang in the air and are misted with an oxygen rich hydroponic nutrient solution. The mist cycle are usually done every few minutes.

A timer controls the nutrient pump much like other types of hydroponic systems, except the aeroponic system needs a short cycle timer that runs the pump for a few seconds every couple of minute.

  ----- Everything included except the tub. What you need to do is to get a  tub yourselves as water sources. We will have an assembly instruction for you how to assemble it.




One important notice: the tube  is not installed when we sent, so you need to install the PVC tube youselves. PLs use glue for PVC-U material to connnect the tube and the connector, so that they fit tightly and no leakage problem.


The pyramdial is not included






>Kit Contains:

  • Water Pump-1pc
  • cycle timer for misting-1pc
  • One outlet mister-4pcs
  • four outlet mister-1pcs
  • The filter-1pc
  • Inlet water hose-1pc
  • Outlet water hose -1pc                               
  • AC adapter-1pc
  • Assembly instruction-1pc

>How it works,

Put the PVC tube frame inside of reservior or Tub.




  *The order that is Customsized size  is acceptable. *

>The system from our store includes the cycle timers.

*Interval cycle timer- 20seconds running every 30 minutes . The timer is specially designed for aeroponics system