We welcome you to our website GreenLit Grow. This is a new web-front for our Start-up initiative in hopes of bringing a healthy and sustainable way of life to our patrons. Please take some time to know about us, our ethos and background below:-


Having access to secure basic needs of life i.e food, water & shelter is the basic right of all living being including us humans. We either level the playing field and give everyone the equal opportunity or else we should stop calling ourselves as winners in any way. We are one with nature no matter how advanced we become as a species.

Who are we?

We here at GreenLit Grow bring our years of expertise working in the field with farmers of North East India to bring demonstrable technological expertise to custom build and assemble Hydroponics, aero-ponics and automated control systems of cultivation . We work towards bringing and streamlining these new ways of cultivation and consumption to the farmers and general public alike.

We would like to thank your for supporting us by buying our products and we hope to bring many more solutions in this area of expertise.