50L/min 35W Hydroponics Commercial Air Pump Compressor Electromagnetic

Brand: GreenLit Grow

Product Code: 10035-BLACK-110V

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  • Electromagnetic linear motor, high efficiency, simple construction.
  • Smooth operation without oil lubrication, low power consumption.
  • CAD-aided design, large air displacement, high voltage output.
  • SF3 composite bearings, low noise, long life-span.


  • Suitable for high-density Hydroponics, aquaculture, for adding oxygen to reservoir.
  • Seafood aquaculture and first class aquariums. For non-oil compressed.
  • Air chemical treatments in the chemical and medical industries.


  • Model:ACQ-003
  • Voltage:220V
  • Frequency:50Hz
  • Power:35W
  • Pressure:0.028Mpa
  • Output:50L/min
  • Dimensions:185*100*120mm

Free 6 meters airline tubing

Free 6 pcs air stone

Free 6 pcs non-return check valve